How to Install Whatsapp on PC

by Ruchira on February 22, 2012

whatsapp messenger 300x300 How to Install Whatsapp on PC

Looking for Mac guide? its here

On one of my previous guide I have explained you guys how to install and setup whatsapp on pc by using an android emulator called youwave. That article seems very popular and read by more than 500 people daily on this blog.

However there is one constrain on that method. It is that youwave is a commercial software and the free version only lasts for 7 days as I explained there. But you could always uninstall and reinstall after 7 days to get it working for 7 days more.

But now there is this software called bluestacks app player. Which emulates android apps better than youwave and most of all its free.

  • Download and install bluestacks app player

Download ans install bluestacks app player from here . It is a web installer so it requires internet to fetch the files and install.

  • Install whatsapp inside bluestacks

This process is very easy and self understandable. Navigate to “Social” tab inside the window and you will find whatsapp. click install button

whatsapp on bluestacks How to Install Whatsapp on PC

  • Done

Next steps are the same which you would do to setup whatsapp on your mobile phone or tab. Complete the verification by giving your mobile phone number which can receive an sms. And enter the number to activate whatsapp and enjoy icon smile How to Install Whatsapp on PC


Read this guide to find out, about adding your  contacts to bluestacks app player to use with whatsapp

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 How to Install Whatsapp on PC

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 How to Install Whatsapp on PC
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  • lazaac

    thanks! it’s work!

  • Joa

    I have a problem, when I download .apk, there are show a text “you do not have permission to open this page: market://details?id=com.whatsapp”. How to fix it ??

  • khaled

    hi @ll

    • nonduh


  • shareef

    goood hai tooall

  • shareef

    hai tooall

  • shareef

    hello boss

  • shehnaz


  • nishad

    m facing a problem while instaling android on d emulator.. aftr i downloaded whatsapp.apk m not able to run it.. it says android os is not ready..

    • kasih

      i got same problem too..

      • bhavya

        even m getting the same problem it is showing its unable to run it,it says android OS is not ready..

        • luuk

          I had the same problem over and over.
          The solution is to uninstall Youwave, install it as administrator (I also used win xp compatibility), and also start up youwave as administrator. This did the trick for me

  • simon

    how long does it take to download whatsapp for pc

    • Ruchira

      few minutes depending on your connection

      • chris vanilla

        canu post the link here so i can also download watsapp on this laptop

  • donshelter


  • Santosh

    i am not able to install Whatsapp for my PC…..kindly guide

  • missak



    i am also not able to install Whatsapp for my PC…..kindly guide

  • temak

    I’ve installed the android emulator but then the browser on the emulator doesn’t work. i have used my normal web browser to download the apk file for whatsapp but then how do i load the apk file from the emulator or how do i get the browser/internet facility of the emulator to work?

    pls help…thanks

    • Ruchira

      it works by default. looks like you have some networking problems

  • naval

    Hi dear

    I have installed whats app on Asus transformer tf101 but it is saying its not compatible with android tablet. Can you please help me on this.


    • Ruchira

      sorry about that. it needs a phone number to communicate! that must be the reason.

  • sajjadmughal


  • Akriti Sharma

    wanna use app

    • sayeedkhan


  • Mar

    Hi, when I try to run youwave a message box appears “Initialization Error : Please reinstall YouWave”. Reinstalling doesn’t change anything either… Any ideas..? Thanks.

    • Ruchira

      try installing .net framework 4 on your computer

  • mhtan

    Problem downloading whatsapp.apk from simulated browser,

    error message
    “You do not have permission to open this”

    • Ruchira

      use the direct link on there to download. not the play store link

  • lejoy

    wana use whatsapp on my pc pls help

  • ravi

    really good software…..
    its working in my pc………:-)
    thankz ruchira…..

  • Petro

    How do I download and install whatsapp on my pc? Having trouble accesing it

    • Ruchira

      what kind of troubles? explain!

  • nikita

    Afternoon all…friday is here yipi

  • Siddharth Deshpande

    Has anyone tried installing whatsapp on Linux?

  • deshlan

    my youwave keeps saying web page not available please help me

  • Priyank

    i have installed whatsapp on my PC.. now how to add friends on it..!!

    plz help me out..!!

    • chris vanilla

      i have watsapp on my phone it uses those contacts from your phone u should use ur number if u registred it with the same dtails u used on your phone n pls add me +22734178191

  • ruben

    Hi, I dont recieve any verificartion sms nor call, the number is rigth Im able to call and to send text messages to the numbre Im using from my primary cell phone.

    • Ruchira

      try again

  • frans maluka

    a.k.a totti

  • frans maluka

    aka totti

  • Ankit

    I am not able to send messages…it says “unable to send messages right now. Message would be send once the service is available”

    • Roderick

      Ya im having the same problem…Installing and configiurin went fine but once i tried messaging i got the same message….”unable to send messages right now. Message would be send once the service is available”….And im certain that i have no network problems….A Lil Help please

      • t0m2y

        I’m facing the same problem. is there any help on this??

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