How to Install Whatsapp on PC

by Ruchira on February 22, 2012


Looking for Mac guide? its here

On one of my previous guide I have explained you guys how to install and setup whatsapp on pc by using an android emulator called youwave. That article seems very popular and read by more than 500 people daily on this blog.

However there is one constrain on that method. It is that youwave is a commercial software and the free version only lasts for 7 days as I explained there. But you could always uninstall and reinstall after 7 days to get it working for 7 days more.

But now there is this software called bluestacks app player. Which emulates android apps better than youwave and most of all its free.

  • Download and install bluestacks app player

Download ans install bluestacks app player from here . It is a web installer so it requires internet to fetch the files and install.

  • Install whatsapp inside bluestacks

This process is very easy and self understandable. Navigate to “Social” tab inside the window and you will find whatsapp. click install button

  • Done

Next steps are the same which you would do to setup whatsapp on your mobile phone or tab. Complete the verification by giving your mobile phone number which can receive an sms. And enter the number to activate whatsapp and enjoy :)


Read this guide to find out, about adding your  contacts to bluestacks app player to use with whatsapp

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  • lazaac

    thanks! it’s work!

  • Joa

    I have a problem, when I download .apk, there are show a text “you do not have permission to open this page: market://details?id=com.whatsapp”. How to fix it ??

  • khaled

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    goood hai tooall

  • shareef

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  • nishad

    m facing a problem while instaling android on d emulator.. aftr i downloaded whatsapp.apk m not able to run it.. it says android os is not ready..

    • kasih

      i got same problem too..

      • bhavya

        even m getting the same problem it is showing its unable to run it,it says android OS is not ready..

        • luuk

          I had the same problem over and over.
          The solution is to uninstall Youwave, install it as administrator (I also used win xp compatibility), and also start up youwave as administrator. This did the trick for me

  • simon

    how long does it take to download whatsapp for pc

    • Ruchira

      few minutes depending on your connection

      • chris vanilla

        canu post the link here so i can also download watsapp on this laptop

  • donshelter


  • Santosh

    i am not able to install Whatsapp for my PC…..kindly guide

  • missak



    i am also not able to install Whatsapp for my PC…..kindly guide

  • temak

    I’ve installed the android emulator but then the browser on the emulator doesn’t work. i have used my normal web browser to download the apk file for whatsapp but then how do i load the apk file from the emulator or how do i get the browser/internet facility of the emulator to work?

    pls help…thanks

    • Ruchira

      it works by default. looks like you have some networking problems

  • naval

    Hi dear

    I have installed whats app on Asus transformer tf101 but it is saying its not compatible with android tablet. Can you please help me on this.


    • Ruchira

      sorry about that. it needs a phone number to communicate! that must be the reason.

  • sajjadmughal


  • Akriti Sharma

    wanna use app

    • sayeedkhan


  • Mar

    Hi, when I try to run youwave a message box appears “Initialization Error : Please reinstall YouWave”. Reinstalling doesn’t change anything either… Any ideas..? Thanks.

    • Ruchira

      try installing .net framework 4 on your computer

  • mhtan

    Problem downloading whatsapp.apk from simulated browser,

    error message
    “You do not have permission to open this”

    • Ruchira

      use the direct link on there to download. not the play store link

  • lejoy

    wana use whatsapp on my pc pls help

  • ravi

    really good software…..
    its working in my pc………:-)
    thankz ruchira…..

  • Petro

    How do I download and install whatsapp on my pc? Having trouble accesing it

    • Ruchira

      what kind of troubles? explain!

  • nikita

    Afternoon all…friday is here yipi

  • Siddharth Deshpande

    Has anyone tried installing whatsapp on Linux?

  • deshlan

    my youwave keeps saying web page not available please help me

  • Priyank

    i have installed whatsapp on my PC.. now how to add friends on it..!!

    plz help me out..!!

    • chris vanilla

      i have watsapp on my phone it uses those contacts from your phone u should use ur number if u registred it with the same dtails u used on your phone n pls add me +22734178191

  • ruben

    Hi, I dont recieve any verificartion sms nor call, the number is rigth Im able to call and to send text messages to the numbre Im using from my primary cell phone.

    • Ruchira

      try again

  • frans maluka

    a.k.a totti

  • frans maluka

    aka totti

  • Ankit

    I am not able to send messages…it says “unable to send messages right now. Message would be send once the service is available”

    • Roderick

      Ya im having the same problem…Installing and configiurin went fine but once i tried messaging i got the same message….”unable to send messages right now. Message would be send once the service is available”….And im certain that i have no network problems….A Lil Help please

      • t0m2y

        I’m facing the same problem. is there any help on this??

  • imaculate

    hey guys im using whatsapp

    • chris vanilla

      invite me +22734178191

  • Romit

    how to download .apk file?
    i have opened on youwave but i dont know what to do then
    when i click on download it says u dont have permission

  • Tenos

    i m tenos my still is music

  • abhishek

    hi am available..on pc

  • abhishek


    • abhishek

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    am not free always.

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  • mhtan

    Ruchira, nice job, but i think you need to clear about the instruction on how to run the externally downloaded whatsapp.apk file in youwave, i wasted lot of time before i go to file menu in youwave and open the file. (i was too engrossed looking for the file manager within the android simulation!!!!)

    However, please help as my whatsapp keep on saying sending but nobody ever receive anything!!! Please help, so close yet so far

  • aads

    hi, i have successfully installed whatsapp on my pc but when i try to send a message it says service unavailable, though my internet is working. please help

  • chucky


  • Adams

    Does it works on samsung’s bada os????

  • t0m2y

    Hi, am i able to send msg thru whatsapp from my portable broadband on my laptop, if i use the landline to receive the code for verification. the data usage deduction is from my portable broadband?

    • Ruchira


  • z.khan78692


  • Varun

    Plz Help Me How to download Whatsapp on PC….???

  • viraj dhameliya

    hi diyer

  • Yash

    I entered everythin as u said n even gt my verification code, after entering dat i got dis pop-up sayin “The application Whatsapp(processcom.whatsapp) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” after tryin again & again it shows d same thing, wat shud i do..?????

  • sayeedkhan

    my mo. no. 9716903112 whatsapp pe on lain milunga

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  • Shabaz

    Hello, Kindly Tel me How to Install Whatsapp to ma Laptop, PLzz

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  • toiy

    yark mee fan

  • kinj

    m not getting any verifying message or call on my mobile….dont knw y? pls help

  • e.tom

    nice n good

  • akshay aparadh

    Dude please help me out. i’ve downloaded youwave, used whatsapp worked fine, when i uninstalled and installed new youwave when i registered on whatsapp it says your number 9769###### is no longer allowed to use our service. i’m frustrated & pissed off. please help me asap!

  • George


    I have installed Youwave and Whatsapp on my pc….when it comes to verification though…I am not recieving any calls on the number provided. The number i am giving is my mobile number…which does not have whatsapp installed on it.

    “Call Me” verification is not working…

  • shafqat ali hadi

    sir my problem is this that i had done installed youwave and also whatsapp on my pc,but when i try 2 add any one ,it shows phone network not available how m solve this problem sir……….can u help me how i bring my mobile phone tower same in whatsapp…………….

  • Keom3

    Unable to install What’sUp. This is the error message i get. “Installation Failed [INSTALL_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR]”

  • Petro

    I also want whatsapp on my pc but dont know what to do. Help?

  • ameen gillani


  • kissman

    i am not get the sms and the call me 3 digit too.

  • Mbuso

    heu everyone

  • Mbuso T

    Hello to who is available on whatapp.

  • Big Boss

    I can’t get a verification call what do I do pleasehelp I’ve tried so many times almost kicked my laptop…lol

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  • Schalk

    I want whatsapp

  • Younnes

    I downloaded whatsapp and i used my phonenumber, but i get no sms or call i, reinstalled it and still again it wont work, ( NOTE: This worked fine before untill i had to install youwave again)

  • AJ

    Ive gotten to the verification part on my pc. i have 2 phones, both of which do not have whatsapp installed on them. i used one of my phone numbers for the verification on the pc but both sms and voice verification failed. it was the same for the other number. i don’t know what to do :( :(

  • Rahul Vadhan

    I was usubg whats app on my laptop for past 2 months. but since last week, when i reistalled youwave, i am getting these error msgs:
    1. SMS Verification Failed
    2. You’ve Failed Voice Verfication too many times

    I am receiving calls / msgs as usual from others, but not getting verification sms / call from Whats App

    Kindly assist to resolve this problem

  • mukul

    i have successfully installed whatsapp on youwave but i wouldn’t get my verification code either on mobile or my landline although both works perfectly fine. when i tap call me it says u are recently connected pls try later and i have waited for a while but no call is yet recieved.. what to do pls help..?? :)

  • yusuf

    i have not receive any verification code on my phone, please can anyone tell me what the problem is?

  • D B

    When i click on the call me button , it says you recently connected and that i have to wait for 2 days or so. its totally random and i have no clue what to do now because i have previously used this method successfully and i am not sure whats going wrong this time around.

  • Shaanu


  • OTA

    i want to make money online and i don’t have a website what can i do?.

  • Frolic124

    Does whatsapp only work for 7 days because of youwave??
    Plz let me know if that is so. I wont pay for it. Kindly let me know about this.

    • Ruchira


  • kail khali

    good working.. bt it is only trail software… plz give activation key.

  • whatsapp111

    I am trying to use youwave for Android the Whatsapp on my pc, i downloaded it succesfully but the problem is it asked for voice verification and that i will get a call but i have been waiting for more than 5hours no call, i clicked the tab again and they said i am connected but i have to wait an extra 5hours for the call, i did wait but still no call with the code,i waited extra hours and hit the tab and yet still no call, so i re-installed it again and changed the number it still did not call with the verification code. can you help me out? It will be much appreciated. Thanks

    N.B. I used the same app on this computer and it did work but I had to re-install it because i couldnt view pictures and that was when I tried using it again but isnt working no more.

  • fel

    how can i get it on my pc

  • Pranav

    Hello, If I register whatsapp on my laptop with my current mobile number, and prefer not to install whatsapp on that mobile for one year.
    And.. if i want to install whatsapp on the same mobile after a year and stop using whatsapp on laptop, will it allow me with same mobile number?

    • Ruchira

      yes you can

  • Deekshith

    HI every1,

    i hav installed whatsapp into the emulator and it runs in the emulator..but i’m not able to verify then number…even though i’m using a new number..i’m not getting the call to verify my number…pls guide me thru

    • Ruchira

      its a common problem even if you use mobile phone. best option is try some other time.

  • Ndumiso

    how to download whatsapp on ma pc ?


    hey ppl hw do u use da watsapp wth da pc

    • sipho kula

      follow de instruction from pc

      • zonke kula

        Hi Sipho

        I am Ntombizonke Kula from Soweto, who are you? do you know Kula family from Soweto
        @ Meadowlands and Sgodiphola/Mofolo North. I would lke to know you. Please contact me
        by sending an e-mail

  • shafiq

    i could not able to download the whatsapp from you wave android showing that you not having permission pls help me how to do that..

  • sonu

    how to use youwave after 7 day

  • n.n

    I have successfully installed n get the verification code. however, it is unable to deliver any messages. what goes wrong? Please help.

  • Paul

    For all first timers to install whats app on your PC and make it work:

    Please note you’ll need two things an Android emulator and the app itself. There are multiple options for an emulator but I would recommend BlueStack

    Now most of you might find it hard to get your mobile number verified. In order to do it successfully you need to ensure that
    1. The number is not already registered.
    2. Do not try and jump the SMS verification rather let it die and then try the call
    3. Ensure you have sufficient balance and your phone is coverage area.
    4. Be patient and try and contact help desk if you still don’t have the verification code.

  • tammy

    this is a ok chat

  • tammy

    whatsaap is the best


    hi ive been trying to instole whtsup on my pc but ive failed

  • abhishek

    i hav downloaded watsapp…n its working quite well on youwave…but it is a trial version.
    what do i do now..???

  • Tumeu

    hi there

  • JQ

    Bummer, someone has stolen my phone. I just installed this program, recommended thru a new friend recently… This app gives you options to upload and u can take your own pictures, video, has clip art. smiley faces, animals of all sorts. I thought it was insteresting stuff…. Oh, I almost forgot.. you can have the option to put a picture in the back ground during your chats. I’m thinking… so your not looking a black, white, blue or whatever your background color. I Loved it! One more thing sorry. (not really, just kidding). I might need one or two weeks to make a better decision, but I think this is very kid friendly application, I would consider WhatsApp before FB for sure.
    I’m not understanding why you have a profile picture if it won’t show up on chats, but please keep in mind that I do” love & hate, hate, hate” computers and phones. what an evil war I have going on. lol

    I would give you 4 stars rating.

  • deepthi fernandes

    i couldnt download whatsapp in you wave…it showing dat u dont hav permission to open this page…plz help me….i am badly in need of whatsapp

  • fungayi ngorima

    I am trying to use youwave for Android the Whatsapp on my pc, i downloaded it succesfully but the problem is it wont give me an sms verification, as the time just lapses. I asked for voice verification so I can get a call but i have been waiting for more than 5hours no call, i clicked the tab again and they said i am connected but i have to wait an extra 5hours for the call, i did wait but still no call with the code,i waited extra hours and hit the tab and yet still no call, so i re-installed it again and changed the number it still did not call with the verification code. can you help me out? It will be much appreciated. Thanks

  • shameem


  • shameem


  • Ankit Agarwal

    hey thanks for the worked for me….tell me something when youwave expires and I’ll re-install it i guess i have to again register a number…do i need a new number or my same number (from which i just registered my pc) will work again.

  • s

    If you’ve an android phone, there is an app using chrome you can use your laptop keyboard for typing .. Its free.
    Good luck

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  • josh


  • Eric

    thank you

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  • irwan shah


  • irwan shah

    hai kewan

  • bonga b

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  • trial_period

    I downloaded youwave and whatsapp two days ago and I’m enjoying youwave but not whatsapp. Everytime I send a message using whatsapp on youwave, it tells me that the service is unavailable. This is the message that appears: “Currently unable to send your messages. It will send when service becomes available”. And then the message that I am trying to send turns to “sending” forever. No matterwhat I do, trying to restart the pc or youwave, it does not work. What could be the problem? Is it resolvable?

  • sipho kula

    its friday waiting to knock off and have some few beers

  • Keydio

    hello. i desire to have WhatsApp on my PC… can I get it on my PC

  • Egwuoyibo henry micheal

    i want to be connected

  • ripal

    works perfectly on my pc.. thanx a lot buddy

    • prasad

      after installing youwave on my xp,Iam getting this problem-”Android OS not ready. Please wait a few seconds before retrying.”
      so what should I do? reply asap.

  • suhaimi

    i need whatsapp

  • Mark

    Does this use up data on your contract which you have to pay for if you use a mobile number?

    • Ruchira


  • aloneboy

    helloo add me on whats app …
    my number is

  • mohsen.tala

    سلام ایرانی ها!

  • ngoni

    please my friends

  • prasad

    after installing youwave on my xp,Iam getting this problem-“Android OS not ready. Please wait a few seconds before retrying.”
    so what should I do? reply asap.

    • Prashant K

      Same problem here as well.

    • ruchi

      same here… dunno wot to do.. :/

      • ruchi

        i’ve installed youwave in windows 7… and dwnlded whatsapp.. but wen i try to install it says OS not ready…
        can u help?

  • hidoob

    thank you

  • sharon bosopo

    may l please download whatsapp for my pc

  • sudhamehta


  • saket

    heyyy did everythin till verification………..its giving message message verification failed…and when i click on Call me opt. afain it failss what is the reason??

  • hary

    Thanks for this information. I am successfully installed for my pc.

  • frank

    need whats app on pc

  • jeriel winpang

    with love and care

  • felix asamoah rambo

    in every tin let giv tanz to God

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  • bridgett

    i would like to have whatsapp on my phone but it’s nokia c101,my que is can i use the computer from work?

  • fai


  • fai

    i like

  • fai


  • Larry

    I have youwave installed however, I’m not seeing the option to download the .apk file , could you assist

  • raj


  • Saravanan

    heyyy did everythin till verification………..its giving message message verification failed…and when i click on Call me opt. afain it failss what is the reason??

  • Harshad

    Thanks Ruchira… Great tip

  • sandisa

    hui friends

  • sandisa

    hi friends

  • anushka

    is it possible to have 2 different accounts on whatsaap(PC)??

  • latifeh



    But i think we have to give that Land line no to our friends also.
    otherwise they can’t see me in their friend list!!!!

  • masaad

    when i press call me option no call is placed

  • Akash Deep

    i installed as per ur instructins
    but whats app is not able to either msg or call on my cell even this no. is never used before
    plz help

    • Ruchira

      which one did you used? bluestacks or youwave?

  • Deepak_Sharma

    Hey, to run any android apps you can use …… “Bluestack” of size 8mb dont need to download this 102 mb soft….
    and its fully functional and full time………. no limited time
    and no ads either

  • Diwakar

    hey ,, m using a nokia 6303ic.
    is it still possible to get connected to whatsapp through youwave on my pc? (i dont have any android smartphone or tab)?
    or if available then can u just link me from where i can download whatsapp for nokia6303i!


    no option for downloading .apk file!
    Can anybody give me a clue?

  • aleem0072003


    • Ruchira



    I did it with virtualbox but there comes the problem of connection!
    App wont work untill software realise it has the network!can anyone help?

  • firstboy1

    i need whatspp on my computer is it possible if yes how

    • Ruchira

      use the bluestacks guide

  • shabbir

    m not getting any call from whatsapp!! :(

    • Ruchira

      are you using bluestacks or youwave?

  • alone gal

    hey!! i wanna install whatsapp on my pc….. can you help?

  • alone gal

    after installing you wave! wat to do?

    • Ruchira

      use bluestacks

  • yaseen

    No SMS came nor a single call came, I tried changing the no. but still the same.. can u help me with that >??

  • vedant

    instead of doing all these inane use bluestack for the unlimited experience no seven days restrictions and can access google market through it……

  • Ujwal

    Can whatsapp be installed on LG GS290 Cookie Fresh?
    If yes, please tel me how!

  • jack

    u rocks man
    i read several blogs but not sutatified with anyone
    bt ur article help me alot thanks for write for ur
    hats up 2 u

  • jack

    plz write smething for

    microsoft office in andriod
    how can we use in android

  • berry

    was able to download the app but can’t install…. i have tried several times but it keeps on giving me sam nasty errors

  • yetty

    downloaded bluestack and wen i try to install it says i shud download adobe setup. pls put mi tru

    • Ruchira

      adobe setup?

  • uniq zie

    This trick doesn’t work anymore, you can’t use what’s up using emulator through youwave or bluestack anymore.

  • frred

    i downloaded bluestacks, installed it but cant access whatsapp, when i try installing it it a message pops up stating am not connected to the internet mean while i am , what should i do?

    • Ruchira

      are you on wifi or ethernet?

      • frred


        • Ruchira

          yeah I know I was asking how you are connected to internet, try restarting the PC

  • frred

    how do i add pictures to whatsapp on bluestacks beta 1

  • Ritweek

    I’m using windows vista, after downloading the bluestacks and executing its showing “bluestacks installation failed”. Not have access to some “NULL”. please help

  • gipa

    vas happenin deliquients

  • mz

    Hi thanks for your information.

    I have bitdefender installed on my Pc, and when I want to install the the bluestacks it give me an error which it can not be installed while the antivirus has been installed.

    Is there any program which is same as bluestacks?

    many thanks

    • Ruchira

      disable bitdefender while installing bluestacks

  • Shreya

    I am not able to download whatsapp on my lapee.. plz help me

  • rohit sharma

    hello friends i installed blue stacks in my laptop now how can i use whatsup into my pc

  • Jemma Taylor

    but it is only 7 day trail period version i think… to get full version or crack of youwave for android.!!!

  • gifty yeboah

    could u please help me out on how to install whatsapp on my laptop!?

  • courage

    how do i install whatsapp for windoms xp

    • Ruchira

      just follow the guide :)

  • yusuf siddique patel

    I am not able to Download whatsaap on my galaxy tab 2 plz halp me

    • Ruchira

      whats the error?

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