I won google anniversary contest, Thanks google

by Ruchira on September 21, 2010

This is just to inform you! I just won £850,000 ( UK Pounds ) from google anniversary contest! Im so happy and now i can fulfill my dreams with this money. First I want to buy a Hummer. Yes today is the happiest day in my life! I thought I must share this info with you, Repeat: IM HAPPY I CANT EXPRESS MY WORDS

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  • http://perfectz.info eSupun

    I’ve informed you before about this via Twitter. But you may haven’t noticed it.

    Look here: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Web%20Search/thread?tid=2dcd04e51d81c65c&hl=en

    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira

      Hmm yes I didnt noticed your reply. This is interesting! 4 years ago I was fooled for this kind of advertisement “You are the xxxxxxxxth visitor you won” type and I was amazed and signed up. But that was the times that my first impressions for internet! :)

  • Ayesh

    Haha congratulations dude!
    I sometimes go through some of the spams and find a lot of humor in them. I’m shocked seeing how many nice Nigerian couples die in accidents and their daughter wants to hook up with me with $1 [insert random number of zeros here, more than 00,000,000 ] in cash :)

    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira

      yeah :) Once I even received a email from someone saying he is CEO of IDM sri lanka and he got kidnapped blah blah :D

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