Get a Wild Card SSL certificate for just $2 a Year

by Ruchira on June 30, 2013


Yesterday I have presented you a nice deal on domain names. And today when I was lurking through lowendtalk forums. I have found this sweet deal on SSL certificates. A company called Centriohost is offering AlphaSSL 256bit wild card domain validation SSL certificates for just $2 a year. This is a great deal since AlphaSSL wild card certs are retailing about $40 to $50 on the internet.

Centrohost already had an offer for $10 a year for that but with their latest promo code “LET2SSL” price comes down to $2 a year recurring. Order yours by this link  and apply the promo code when checkout. You will need a code signing request and you can easily generate from your server or online service like this . According to them setup time is about 20 minutes and you might probably receive one earlier than that. I have got one to play with SPDY protocol and I’m not promoting them or whatsoever. This offer is too hard to pass on that’s why I have decided to share it with you :)

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  • Pony

    great deal! thanks for this :)

  • Martin Wilson

    Promo Code is not working :( is it still available?

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