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by Ruchira on August 14, 2012

Looking for Mac guide? its here http://www.ruchirablog.com/how-to-install-on-whatsapp-on-mac/

On one of my previous guide I have explained you guys how to install and setup whatsapp on pc by using an android emulator called youwave. That article seems very popular and read by more than 500 people daily on this blog.

However there is one constrain on that method. It is that youwave is a commercial software and the free version only lasts for 7 days as I explained there. But you could always uninstall and reinstall after 7 days to get it working for 7 days more.

But now there is this software called bluestacks app player. Which emulates android apps better than youwave and most of all its free.

  • Download and install bluestacks app player

Download ans install bluestacks app player from here . It is a web installer so it requires internet to fetch the files and install.

  • Install whatsapp inside bluestacks

This process is very easy and self understandable. Navigate to “Social” tab inside the window and you will find whatsapp. click install button

  • Done

Next steps are the same which you would do to setup whatsapp on your mobile phone or tab. Complete the verification by giving your mobile phone number which can receive an sms. And enter the number to activate whatsapp and enjoy :)


Read this guide to find out, about adding your  contacts to bluestacks app player to use with whatsapp

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  • vikram

    nice account for chat

  • sid

    i jst downloaded bluestacks-thin installer in my pc so that i can use whatapp form my pc..bt wen i open it i get a dialouge box saying that the application failed to initalize properly(0xc0000135).so what sould i do..plz notify me though mail as soon as possible

  • tAHA

    Hey plz help….. How to add Contacts in Whatsapp…..
    I have entered my gmail account but when i go to sync it shows me only FB, Twitter, etc. and no Google a/c
    Plz help as early as possible

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  • jing yi

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  • http://ngoms.gm@gmail.com sthengoms

    Hi I need to download whatsapp on my laptop, please help

  • Maggie

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  • gamal

    i need whatsapp for computer please .

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  • iris

    i couldnt download youwave (for whatsapp messenger) to my laptop. pls what should i do to ease download, so i can whatsapp on my laptop????

  • ron

    thank you Ruchira ..here is easy method of adding contacts:


  • mathiyalahan

    i want to install whatsapp to my laptop

    • zcm

      i want to install whatsapp to my laptop

  • mathiyalahan

    how to install whatsapp to pc

  • Freddy

    Ok, so i installed whatsapp inside bluestacks – now what? how do i chat with people who i know have whatsapp on their phone in other countries? I added them in contacts – email address & mobile number – is there anyway to sent them a message with whatsapp to tell them i am here?

  • sourav

    after downloading the .exe file for bluestacks, as i run the installation i encounter an application error… failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).

  • yaseen

    Nope its not working.. graphics problem ?? y does it have a graphic error ??

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