What is Google Panda?

by Ruchira on April 27, 2011



I heard some webmasters got eaten by Google Panda and I decided to give you a brief explanation about what is google panda algorithm by this post. So,

What is Google Panda?

  • Its a improvement to google’s search algorithm which helps google to fight content robbers and spammers. Remember google caffeine? This update is similar to caffeine update but it might not impact to most of users same like caffeine did

What Google Panda does?

  • If you are a webmaster and if you copy other peoples content and publish it on your web site beware google panda will be a major impact to you because Google mainly deployed this new algorithm to prevent content farmers a butt kick

Where I can find Googles official post about this new algorithm ?

Does Google Panda update now live?

  • Google said its now live for all English Language Google users.

I’m a webmaster and how this affects me?

  • Again if you are Content Farmer ( If you do Copy=>Paste most of the time ) beware your site may soon loss traffic like hell.


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  • RRJ

    oooooooooooooooh soooo scarred

    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira


    • http://blogsew.com Blogger Network

      Yes this is interesting step taken by Google. But what about the news site and software site that has same content all over places? will it have impact on them as well?

      • http://i-fresh.net Mac Addict

        Yes, I have same question like this. Could anyone answer me?

        • http://www.anexplore.com Sazirul

          Me too!

  • http://www.realtydreammakers.com Byron

    Thanks for the information and the link. I have been away for a while and just learned of PANDA. I am not a content farmer so hopefully I will not have to worry.

  • http://useme4info.com abhilash

    it is very useful information . i m not a content farmer , so for me no tension .

  • http://panduaji.net Pandu Aji W

    thank for the information. i will start learn about PANDA :D

  • http://www.sunhealthcentre.com hoohaahee

    Panda. I am tanda, come to me lolzz..

  • http://www.bestdealscomputers.net Dendy Sutrisna

    Oh my God … Scary!!

  • http://www.rightweightloss.com bob

    that will be good i think .

  • http://vbtechsupport.com/ George

    Simple and to the point, it’s the best explanation of what Google Panda is that I have come across in a while :)

  • http://mygadz.com Cradonale

    Gud one…but bloggers worst nightmare … LOL

    • http://www.syncers.com Karan Lugani

      It won’t turn out to be a nightmare for the original bloggers. Well, its an alert for all article writing services websites like ezine, etc. Google Panda has stuck them badly due to user generated affiliate links.

  • ritu

    hey ruchira.. thanks for such nice and content build information..
    keep on writting :)

  • http://www.3mtelemarketing.com Emilio

    Well? If you do your SEO the right way, with unique content every time, Panda shouldn’t course any troubles…Or what do you guys think?

    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira

      personally im not doing SEO at all these days! Unique content is the key! It will drive you backlinks !

      • http://www.dynamicit.co.in Adnan

        I am a developer and seo worker .

        I thinks due to this the importance of white hat seo has increassed.

  • http://www.camdendrive.com Vestido

    hope this doesnt affect me.

  • http://www.rfidprotect.co.uk D Max

    Google Panda – brilliant news!!!

    As someone who has spent many long hours researching and writing fresh content for the web it’s a blessed relief to at last find an antedote to the longstanding issue of copyright infringement.

    Smashing stuff indeed!!!

  • http://www.london-pictures.com London

    Most webmasters who create unique content will just love it and embrace it since now they get rewarded for the work they created. It’s just super frustrated to see content stealers even above you in the serps being your competitor knowing they didnt do any effort to get there.

  • I spammed my name!

    Google Panda is a good update for smart workers.

  • http://techreviewtoday.com/ TRT

    This is nice information. I got it very useufl. However, can you say how do I know that my site is affected by Google Panda?

    • http://www.syncers.com Karan Lugani

      Check the traffic in Google Analytics. You will see a great fall in traffic (upto 50-80%) and you would come to know if your website has been hit by panda or not.

  • http://www.solarpanelsbuckinghamshire.co.uk Neil

    It sounds like a good thing to me. Hopefully people will write more original content now.

  • panda….!!!

    oho..affected to my ofice…

  • http://antoni-wijaya.blogspot.com/ Antoni wijaya

    now,,we will write original content…because google like that

  • http://www.syncers.com Karan Lugani

    Well, now panda makes the move for blogs and websites. Every webmaster just prays for survival from Google Panda (yes, even the non-copiers).

  • www.taringadescargas.com

    pues croe q me sanciono el google panda ya q de un dia para otro ya no tengo trafico

  • http://www.ayurvedicherbalcure.com Natural Herbal Remedies and Herbal Supplements

    Useful one but still confused………howzzzzz Google Panda work

  • I spammed my name!

    Ruchira Thanks,
    Good Post, appreciate the insight. very useful information.
    Have an awesome day!

  • http://www.enairablog.com Nnadi

    Nice one..Thanks

  • http://www.anexplore.com Sazirul

    This is my first time, where I get some information about Google Panda.

  • http://www.baby-pics.net babypics

    Good information about google panda..

  • http://www.baby-pics.net babypics

    Good information about google panda..
    thanks to ruchirablog.com

  • http://gilbertocintron.com/ Gilberto Cintron

    Thanks for this inforrmation, I was confused about Panda.

  • ovulation

    Google Panda is the best thing google have done for content robbery and spammers
    thanks for the post

  • http://www.pacans.com pacans

    Good but not explained who it works and what are its effects……………..

    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira

      who it works? what?

  • http://www.healingthroughcaring.com Brooklyn Doctor

    I guess i am a little behind the curve. Having opened my site after this came out how effective has this been? I still see people stealing content.

  • http://imsn.in Satya

    That’s a very brief yet understandable description about Google panda. The official panda announcement was also posted in the Google blog besides Google webmasters central blog.

    Here is the link http://googleblog.blogspot.in/2011/02/finding-more-high-quality-sites-in.html

    Thanks Ruchira for such a great write up.

  • Raj

    Yes, my site badly got affected by it and about 70% of my traffic is now gone. Although, I just want a simple information whether copied images are included under the Panda attack or not.

    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira

      I bet it! since google image search is now available. there might be a chance!

  • Manpreet Singh@My Sms Library

    i have a website of sms’s and there are a lot of sms websites on the internet and many sms are about same….a big thing to worry for me…..

  • Manpreet Singh

    i have a website of sms’s and there are a lot of sms websites on the internet and many sms are about same….a big thing to worry for me…..

  • http://www.dean-martin.net karina7564

    Google panda is very helpful for original writers and it is evil for contents spammer or robber.

  • john

    Does this affect Online Stores that carry the same products as others with the same factory descriptions? Just Curious, do we have to re-create our own product descriptions for products we may have never used just to stay within Panda Guide lines?

    – ME

    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira

      maybe yes!

  • http://pizzacouponcode.net/ Subbir

    Hy Ruchira
    Thanks for your post.Can i use article spin.

  • http://adesh-saxena.blogspot.com Adesh Saxena

    Hi Ruchira

    Thanks for the lots of effort you made here. It will must hit some where to spammers.

  • kela


  • sam

    Wao nice information

  • http://www.latesttechnonews.com Himanshu Singhal

    I think that every blogger knows the importance of fresh content and also know about the Google Action regarding the same. Your post must update blogger’s mind to aware about the Google Panda..
    Thanks I learned a lot from this post..

  • Peter

    Yes, thank you , now I understand when a person told me panda cut lead production in half .

  • http://tattoo-how.com parveen

    thanku so much for this information ,

  • http://tattoo-how.com parveen

    and how much this will take time to recover previous traffic rate to website again

  • http://www.pcasta.com Pradeep tyagi

    thank you Ruchira for this valuable information.

  • http://hqfootball.blogspot.com emil

    It’s welcomed news for those of us who spend hours on end trying to write something original and worth reading ourselves.

  • http://ritedomains.blogspot.ca/ Mike

    A new update !! This may be just what actual web developing should be about, Domain parking and copy and paste content may come to an abrupt end.

  • http://www.topnosh.com adelaclark

    i read it amazing sharing here thanx.

  • Lance Dzintars

    For the average small business, none of these updates make any difference, the majority of interactions we have at our shop we are constantly told that everything social media check in too Facebook is a waster. While I disagree, I do have to admit, Panda updates are the last thing I’m worried about.

  • Rohan

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    Can You help me by sending me an e-mail on rockingchap.rohan@gmail.com

    Thank You So Much For Your Precious Time

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