How to unlock Samsung Jack,Epix,Omnia for free

by Ruchira on April 14, 2011

90% of people coming to this blog comes to read how to unlock huawei modems icon smile How to unlock Samsung Jack,Epix,Omnia for free that post is viral and I’m getting about 1000 views a day on that post.

unlock phone How to unlock Samsung Jack,Epix,Omnia for free

So heres another unlock process! This time its windows mobile! Using this method you can easily unlock AT&T or any carrier locked Samsung Jack I637  , Samsung Epix I907  and Samsung Omnia I900

Traditionally to unlock those phones you need to get unlock code. If you are in USA AT&T will give you the code if you called them but for other countries its not possible. You can get unlock codes on ebay for about $1.50 and upwards but lets save it and go DIY,


  • This wont work for Samsung Blackjack II I617
  • It wont make harm to your phone but if it doesnt work 2 times dont try doing same 3rd time because it may lock you phone and may not be easily unlocked thereafter!

Power on your mobile phone without simcard and type *#7465625# on home screen. It will show the lock status. And its just for your information

In this method we need to fool the phone. I mean we need to enter a lock code to it so even if that already locked our lock will overwrite the old lock.

  1. From the Today or Home screen, type in *7465625*638*#

It will prompt you a dialog contain 3 boxes.

2. Enter the Mobile Network Code (MNC) in the 1st and 2nd field= 310410 Thats AT&Ts network code and it will be fine for all networks. When entering it you might only see asterisks but enter it correctly and it wont be a problem

3. In the last field, enter 12345678  Thats our unlock code! You are fooling your phone icon smile How to unlock Samsung Jack,Epix,Omnia for free

4. Then press OK and it will tell you that sim lock is enabled!

Now here is the real unlocking part.

1. From the Home screen, type #7465625*638*#
2. Enter the unlock code we assigned earlier 12345678 and OK it.

Voila your phone is now unlocked icon smile How to unlock Samsung Jack,Epix,Omnia for free

I'm Ruchira Sahan and all posts on this blog are completely my thoughts and writings. I love DIY and Technology. So feel free to contact me for anything about this blog and don't forget to add a comment if this blog helped you! Thanks
 How to unlock Samsung Jack,Epix,Omnia for free
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  • Pliver

    thanks man!

    • pliver


  • pliver

    I”m Not Bugs Bunny any More.Black Bery Phone 1. mata 13000 kata denna.

  • kira

    thanks man ur d boss…. :)

  • David

    huawei g6600

    imei 35751003

  • David

    Hauwei g6600

    imei 357510033839843

  • Beverly

    the mnc number doesnt work

  • Daiko

    thanks man! very very much!!!!
    your the best!

  • Tony

    Same here…procedure seems to work…mns number does not.

  • Tony

    on further reading it appears this will not work on Jacks upgraded wot WM 6.5

    • Ruchira

      yes :(

  • Jayce

    It does not work on my Samsung Jack w/ WM 6.5 :(
    It keept saying wrong mns number to the point where I locked my phone & had to go to AT&T store & got new SIM card.
    If anyone knows how to unlock for Samsung Jack w/ WM 6.5, please post it here?
    Thank you for helping… appreciate it!

  • Roger Vargas

    Great!!! You are a genius!!! I mean if you found out about this unlock method!!! If not, thank you anyway for the info…. it works 100%

  • Vinay

    Is there any update or way to unlock a Samsung Jack running WM6.5? My handset has WM6.5 and I am not able to find the WM6.1 version. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Ruchira

      you can unlock it by purchasing the code from ebay! it like $0.99 well worth it!

  • samsung

    thankss a lott mann

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