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by Ruchira on April 5, 2012

If you are in domain hunt or searching for a new name for your startup you might find searching for domains in the regular way is hard. And you might probably get tired by searching because of the enormous amount of .com s already registered.

To overcome the issue there are many domain search tools which search for available domains for your keywords.  But leandomainsearch.com  deserves the top spot on this category.

Sure it works by searching by keywords after or before of your given keyword. But I find the domains it generates are somewhat appealing to use as professional company name or a domain name. the interface is clean and there arent any ads. And after searching for the names, it gives you the option to register the domains via your favorite registrar.  Searching for domains are very fast and I’m wondering what kind of tool or API they use to do it this much fast. It currently includes 2000 keywords and its adding like 100 new every week.  On the first day I used this thing , I stumbled upon very nice domain names which I found amazing because they are still available.  Give it a try and you will love it. :)

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