Installing Nginx is easy thanks to the Nginx Autoinstaller but if you want to use Nginx with Cpanel you can do that easily with NginxCP . NginxCP is a Nginx auto installer for Cpanel. NginxCP installs Nginx on the front end as a reverse proxy to Apache. So this means that static files will be handled by Nginx. NginxCP integrates seamlessly with Cpanel and you can just set it and forget about it. Installing it is very easy. But installing it on current production environments is not recommended because things might break depending on your Cpanel version. [click to continue…]



If you are a Linux newbie and if you are used to Amazon EC2 or any other VPS control panels, Google Compute Engine terminal system will be confusing for you. Google Compute Engine uses Google’s own tool called gcutil tool to manage Compute Engine and its resources. Not only using it but configuring it is bit hard for the newbies. And you wont ever need that if you are just running one or few VMs and not going to unleash the total abilities of Compute Engine.

There is no way to set a root password’s on VM’s from the Console like you do on control panels like SolusVM but you can use SSH keys to access the terminal without ever touching gcutils. Here’s how to do it, [click to continue…]

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Google Compute Engine benchmarks

by Ruchira on May 23, 2013

google-computeGoogle has announced immediate availability of Google Compute Engine to the general public at the Google IO 2013. Google Compute Engine is Google’s answer to the Amazon EC2 and other cloud platforms and it lets you to run virtual machines just like Ec2 with multiple configuration options. Compute Engine instances are based on KVM virtualization whereas EC2 is based on XEN. I have decided to signup and see whats inside

Signup page is here and we have to start by adding billing information. Credit Card is required to signup and after signing up, you are immediately taken to the Compute Engine Console where you can create and manage instances and disks. [click to continue…]


OpenVPN Auto installer

by Ruchira on May 23, 2013


Auto installers are designed to make your life easy. Installing and configuring things like Nginx and OpenVPN can be hard for novices. You can use the Nginx Autoinstaller listed on my blog if you need that, but what about OpenVPN? OpenVPN-AS is free and comes with a great web based control panel, but the problem is that the free version is limited to 2 concurrent users. But that’s the way to go if you are fine with 2 user limit, You can view my OpenVPN-AS setup guide here.

If you don’t like the 2 user limit on OpenVPN-AS you can install regular OpenVPN but it requires little bit of work, it has no limits on users and you and your friends or clients can use the same VPN concurrently. I have found a great OpenVPN auto install script on github and I thought about sharing it with you. You can find it here  installing it is very easy. See below [click to continue…]



Are you using a DSL modem/router to connect to the internet? Mostly everyone I found haven’t changed the default user name and password which is used to login to the modems admin panel. Most modems comes with the default user/pass combination of admin/admin , admin/password. So what is the risk of not changing these logins?

Most of the older modems and around 20% of newer modems doesn’t have a firewall ( or disabled firewall option by default ) between the internet and the modem. So this means that anyone who knows your public IP can login to your routers admin panel and do potentially dangerous stuff. Including stealing your DSL services login names ( most common ) , opening up ports to give access to run malicious programs etc. [click to continue…]


Just another Paypal phishing attempt

by Ruchira on May 21, 2013

paypal-phishWhen I was browsing through my new email account, I have saw the above email from Paypal saying my account is limited because of an identity issue? This email account is new and I didn’t used it much at all, And surprisingly this email was on my inbox not on the spam folder. I thought my Paypal account is limited and to verify that I opened up on a new tab and logged in. And there was no limitations or whatsoever like said on the email. It didn’t took me much time to recognize that, this is indeed a phishing attempt. So this is what I found,

Real sender of the email is and he/she has masked the address to, And returning path is also I have opened up the attachment and its a html page which looks like this  [click to continue…]



See the link above? Yes its a direct link to a Facebook photo as most of you might have recognized at the first glance. You can see these links everywhere, or your friend might send you this type of direct link to a Facebook photo because He/She doesn’t want to know the profile of the person who posted the photo to the Facebook. So is there any way to find the profile of the person who owns the photo? [click to continue…]


huawei-antennaIf you are using a USB HSPA dongle to access the internet, one of common problem that you might face is the low signal strength on the place that you live.  Low signal levels translate in to low download/upload speeds and higher latency. The level of signal’s depend on various factors such as the distance between you and the nearest transmission tower of your service provider etc. But there are some ways that you can use to increase the signal levels that your modem receives,

[click to continue…]


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