I was building a vbulletin forum today and one of our requirement was to integrate vbulletin with our main web site which is built on wordpress.  Putting the whole forum on a iframe inside the web site is bulky and uncomfortable because vbulletin has too much controls.

And we wanted to do this simply by just showing the new threads on our pages and then users can click and go to the forum. When I was thinking about this first example which came in to mind was what linode was doing to display new forum posts on their community page, which is looks like this,



linode new posts Display new threads of a vbulletin forum, on a wordpress post or page



I have discovered that best way of achieving this by using RSS feeds. Sure there are many other ways to parse information to a php web site but that’s insecure and require some customized coding. In this guide I will explain how I did this simply by using RSS feeds and external.php feature on vbulletin

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shipment Adsense Secure Express delivery postal code problems

I have lost some of my letters and parcels from ebay on past few weeks, So I have recently opted to receive my Google Adsense checks via “Secure Express Delivery” which is said to be secure and delivered by DHL express delivery which is really fast.Despite the cost of $25 which they charge for this service it was really worth it because of the issues I was having receiving things on normal post.

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Overheating? Control macbook pro fan!

by Ruchira on June 25, 2012

Is your macbook pro overheating? If you keep your macbook on your lap you might feel the burning sensation on your lap when running few resource heavy tasks like watching flash videos ( yes I found that makes our macbooks hotter than running any other program duh! ) . Typically macbooks are designed to be very quiet. So the fans only spin up at higher speeds if only the temperatures goes higher than say 60C. But thats enough to make the bottom of your macbook hotter.

If you want the fans to spin up at higher speeds even under the medium temperatures you can use a software called Extended Fan control .

fan control Overheating? Control macbook pro fan!

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Google, Motorola deal is now complete

by Ruchira on May 23, 2012

google motorola deal Google, Motorola deal is now complete

Googles Motorola acquisition closes up as Google has announced on their blog about the deal as complete. Some might argue it as bad cause of monopoly. But Motorola might find nice way ahead with its partnership of google.I’m wondering who will make the next nexus device icon smile Google, Motorola deal is now complete

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Install Notepad++ on Ubuntu

by Ruchira on May 22, 2012

notepad++ ubuntu Install Notepad++ on Ubuntu


Notepad++ is my favorite text editor , Notepad … you name it. And when I switched to Ubuntu the ultimate thing lacking from it is Notepad++ its hard for me to live without it. So I have decided to install it using wine and this is how I did so,

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last night I have received a call from my boss saying billing system isn’t functional. I have checked and it gave a license key not found error message. I thought it was something like I forgot to pay and license got expired. So I logged to whmcs web site and it gave me the typical “Couldn’t connect to database”  mysql database error. I thought okay they might be doing some changes and it will eventually come online. But the next time when I took a look at whmcs web site few minutes after, it was fully offline and it came to my mind that something isnt right. So I have checked Webhostingtalk and the big news was about WHMCS getting hacked about an hour ago.

At the moment WHMCS web site is offline but their blog is up! On there founder of the software “Matt” says that, the attack was not done by any kind of exploit and its solely based on social engineering

Following an initial investigation I can report that what occurred today was the result of a social engineering attack.

The person was able to impersonate myself with our web hosting company, and provide correct answers to their verification questions. And thereby gain access to our client account with the host, and ultimately change the email and then request a mailing of the access details.

This means that there was no actual hacking of our server. They were ultimately given the access details.

This is obviously a terrible situation, and very unfortunate, but rest assured that this was no issue or vulnerability with the WHMCS software itself.

And the hacker  even took over the official @whmcs twitter account and still he is on the control of account.

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ubuntu is pretty Going to install Ubuntu inside Windows? Make sure about this!

Yes I know Ubuntu is pretty. And you want to try it, Maybe you will fall in love with it and use it forever. This is what happened to me. I’m not new to Linux or Ubuntu. I’m using Ubuntu and Centos for ages on web servers. Even this blog runs on Ubuntu server. But I was new to WUBI Windows-based Ubuntu Installer. Basically what it does is install Ubuntu inside Windows, in common way Dual Booting.

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Thanks for evaluating my SEO

by Ruchira on May 21, 2012

A person named Maria Wilson sent me the below email

seo emails3 Thanks for evaluating my SEO

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