How to open multiple Gmail accounts on same browser

by Ruchira on May 22, 2011

I was shocked when I heard the news that all Google Apps accounts will be automatically transitioned to standard google account type so we can use our google apps account to login other google services like youtube. If you are not a typical gmail user you will think that “Hey thats nice news” but the problem is when we got more than 1 google apps logins or if we got a gmail account it will be really annoying because google dont allow to login to 2 Google accounts on the same browser.


So we cant keep eye on our Google apps email accounts and Gmail accounts same time. So when I browsed Google :P for solution ( yeah I meant I searched on google ;) ) I found a nice tip allowing for login to many google accounts on same time on same browser.

You have to navigate to

There will be a setting called “Multiple sign-in” and you have to click edit->on to enable this feature!


So here after you can login to many google accounts like I do :)

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  • Praba

    This is a nice tips
    Tks friend

  • Devi

    Many of us have multiple Gmail accounts also and this is a very useful feature.

  • Filip

    Dear Ruchira,
    Thanks for nice tip. Somehow I have difficulties with uploading annex to my google accounts – when I try to upload (even 70kb pics) my whole internet freeze and Im not able to do anything and I have to reset modem. Everything works normally, I can download what I want, but enclosing annex to my Gmail drive me a bit crazy these days.. :)

    Thank you for answer.


  • Chris


    Thanks for the tip, simple when you know how? Wish I had found this about an hour ago…

    Nice blog by the way.

    • Ruchira

      yeah this was really annoying problem to me also :)

  • Kipas

    Thanks..May I ask you a question please:

    Are we allowed (by Google T.O.S) to have many/multiple Gmail accounts with our (same data and same) name?

    thank you. Any answer will be very appreciated.

    • Ruchira

      of course! you are completely safe on this.

  • James Godfrey

    I can’t seem to see this feature listed any more, has it been moved to a different menu?

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