Huawei HSPA modem Antenna

by Ruchira on September 4, 2010

Using Huawei HSDPA modem to access internet? Most of in home HSPA users use HSPA because they don’t have access to ADSL lines because no telephone exchanges nearby. So if HSPA signal strength is low in your area you might expected low internet speed. How ever most of huawei hspa dongles have a socket to plug in external antenna.

So you have a solution to boost your signal but don’t expect a huge boost from this method. Maybe you will able to get like 500kbps or so boost in your internet speeds but only if current signal strength is low and depends on provider.

If you cant find these antennas in your local electronics store you can try ebay. There are lots of Chinese sellers selling those.

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  • USB 3G Viettel

    thanks for share

  • Mithilesh

    where i will get it in india

    • Anonymous

      You can try ordering in ebay!

    • Farmboy

      3G antenna is not available on

      • Anonymous


  • Farmboy

    How to boost signal on Huawei E1750 which does not have any port or place for putting the external antenna ?
    By the way from where to get 3G antenna in Antenna ?

  • Farmboy

    How to boost signal on Huawei E1750 which does not have any port or place for putting the external antenna ?
    By the way from where to get 3G antenna in India ?

  • PAC

    CRC9 is not good for my huawei e1752 stick. The size would be OK, but cannot plug it….

  • keith

    Hi there, I got a provider from for this 3G angenna with CRC9 connector. please try to search, you can even buy a CRC9 connect to DIY your own 3G antenna if you like it.

  • vibhu

    huwaei e1752 is fine but no show signal please give any soloution I am this field is new

    • Ruchira

      check with another sim!

  • DB.baba

    thanks a lot for huawei E1550 data cards unlocking tutorials, now i am successefully unlocked it and now i am using vodafone in that modem ( before unloking i used airtel) and also now i can use all sim in my modem and now i had question that ” DO YOU HAVE ANY SOLUTION TO SPEED UP MY CONNECTION?” I AM USING BOTH MOZILLA FIREFOX AND OPERAMINI THANK YOU IN ADVANCE AND I AM WAITING FOR COOMENTS,,,, BYEEEEEEEE

  • DB.baba

    ONCE AGAIN, i have the antenna and my modem model is huwaei E1550 but how to connect my antenna with my modem? there is no plug for antenna in my modem what to do? do you have any solution ?????

  • tom_m

    I have huwaei hg520c and I have inside wireless antenna and is not any problem to connect my mobile phone with it…..

  • Judy

    I get the 3G antenna from Superbat from China ,bought this antenna:

    It works well until now.

    • Bessia

      Hi,Judy. Thanks for your support. In addition to this, we also have many others at sale,such as connector,adapter,pigtails and so on, If any other need or questions,pls feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to serve you.

  • Franklein

    Yes i found a free antenna for all usm modes.It really works!!

  • manar

    Plz E1820 Huawei unlock code

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