How to unlock Huawei E353 HSPA modem ( Updated 2013 guide )

by Ruchira on January 8, 2013

huawei modem


2 years ago I brought you (1 2)  the worlds first huawei modem unlocking guide which attracted more than 5 million people and over 5000 comments.  But things have changed now, there are different modem models, and the way of calculating the codes for those are different and you cant use my old method to unlock these new modems.

But its still possible to unlock new Huawei Modems such as

  • Huawei E353
  • Huawei E173cs-1
  • Huawei E367
  • Huawei E353 Wu-1
  • Huawei E353 Ws-2
  • Huawei E303


Calculating unlock code is little bit of mystery at the moment. However you can obtain the unlock codes from forum for free. See the thread here

You can register a account there and politely ask for the code on the forum. Dont forget to include your exact model and IMEI number. Usually in few hours someone will post the code for you. After you receive the Unlock/NCK code its easy to unlock the modem.

Download and install the Code Writer from here and process is quite simple after that.




Click the Detect button and Accept your comport. Then it will ask for the unlock code, enter the you got here





Click OK button and voila its done :)

For old huawei modems, read my previous guide here

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  • Bruce

    unlock code needed please
    kindly send me the unlock code of Huawei dongle E303s-2 IMEI no. 866452010341929

    • Tharindu

      Model : Huawei E303
      IMEI : 868988011294607
      Please send me the Modem unlock code

  • Sparrows99

    please help me find my unlock code for huawei model E153u-1. IMEI: 869604002447182

  • sassi

    Found modem : E367
    Model : Huawei E367
    IMEI : 860108012019105
    unlock code please

  • Mike

    Hi, I have my unlock code but when I try and run software, the dongle is not recognised. When I click on “Please select ComPort” there are no options to select dongle model. It is a Huawei E353Wu-1.

  • Eric

    Thanks very much for the walkthrough, and links to unlock code at gsm-forum. I picked up one of these, and it turned out the carrier it was locked to offers TERRIBLE data plans. Now I’m free to shop the competition. Cheers!



  • khaled

    Model : Huawei E303B
    IMEI : 860530010096886
    Please send me the Modem unlock code

  • kimiy

    Model : Huawei E1750
    IMEI : 358711037160173
    Please send me the Modem unlock code

    • Ruchira

      Your unlock code is 58976795 and flash code is 41281097

  • jaurès djomou

    hello!!! please please send me the code
    Model : Huawei E173
    IMEI : 352097049622426
    i’m waiting

    • Ruchira

      Your unlock code is 50777961 and flash code is 55350148

  • Pavan

    Hi Ruchira,

    My Huawei MODEL is E303S
    IMEI is 867648013469703
    I got some unlock codes but it failed ,pls help.

  • Leo C

    hello, can you kindly help me in obtaining the unlock code and flash code for my Huawei E303.
    Model: Huawei E303
    IMEI: 866452014171355
    thank you very much.

  • Saurav

    Hi!!! please please send me the code
    Model : Huawei E353
    IMEI : 868165000768160.
    waiting. . .

  • Vu

    Hi, I have the unlock code and flash code for my vodafone modem model K3520. After using the code writer to unlock it (result showed ok), when i inserted a different sim, it shows either 1. incorrect sim or 2. searching for network. What should I do?

    I also have another Huawei wireless gateway model E961. Is there a method to unlock this as well?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Sanasam Santosh

    i do owned a huawei modem E303s with IMEI No:867648016725010.

    I’ve followed the procedure u prescribed, everything is fine with the modem code writer upto ‘click Unlock Modem’, after that nothing happens!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the dialog box to enter the unlock code does not show up!!

    Plz find out a possible solution.

    Thanking u in advance,


    • Ruchira

      try with another computer

  • Vu

    Hi, Vu again. Do you have a solution to my questions? See two comments above dated 20th Feb 2013.

  • Vu

    Hi, it’s me again. This will be the last time I am writing. Can you please give me a reply to my queries. Whether you have a solution or you do not intend to reply me?

    • Ruchira

      try changing the software of your modem. you carrier should have locked it out

  • Vu

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Do you mean changing the mobile partner software that is installed on the pc? If yes, where can i download it from?

    Thanks again,

  • radgyro

    Hi All,

    please send me the unlock code of my huwaei E353, IMEI 867989012881948, serial number C9RBYA9282800860, Hardware Version CH2E353SM

    Thanks a lot for the very kind heart..


  • Steponas

    - Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E353wu-1
    – Revision :11.810.09.40.156
    – Phone IMEI :868165001234014

  • juliano

    please send me the code..
    ime: 356793045166287
    model: huawei E353 21.6

    thanks in advance

  • suneth

    model-Huawei E303
    please send me the unlock code

  • Carla

    Hi there

    Is it possible you can obtain the unlock code for the following device:

    IMEI: 868165009034408
    SN: W3Z7NA1212103756

    Thanks in advance.

  • Carla

    I have the following device:

    IMEI: 358066021848469
    SN: 320590834690

    Although it works on its original network, my PC and the programs, have been unable to detect/locate the com port or the presence of the device and so, I have been unable to unlock it.

    Thank you

    • Ruchira

      Sorry dont know about ZTE modems

  • pplu

    Good morning

    Can you please send me unlock code for:

    Found modem : E353s-2A
    Model : Huawei E353
    IMEI : 356793046815445

    Thanks in advance


    Hi Good Morning

    please send me the code..
    ime: 357260041217331
    model: huawei E353s-6 14.4 Mbps
    Fcc Id :QISE353S-6

    thanks in advance


    Hi Good Morning

    please send me the code..
    ime: 357260041217331
    model: huawei E353s-6 14.4 Mbps
    Fcc Id :QISE353S-6

    thanks in advance

  • momi

    hello!!! please please send me the code
    Model : Huawei E353
    IMEI : 867989012387359
    i’m waiting

  • Atulya singh

    please send me the code..
    ime: 357260041111971.
    model: huawei E353
    i am wetting..

  • elle

    pls help me unlock my E303 model modem.pls send the unlock code.thanks in advance.IMEI is 866452011830409

  • elle

    also i have a modem model E106E IMEI 358988037772096.i tried the code from here but its error.tnx.can you send unlock code also for this one.tnx

  • James

    Hi. Trying to unlock:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E3131
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :866715017886421
    And ideally flash firmware for hilink

    thanks for your help.

  • subhakanta

    Dear Ruchira,
    I was purchased a modem huawei e353, it works only 3g network but i want to how it work in 2g network because in my location the 3g network is not working. Plz help what can i do if you have any suggestion .

    thank you

    • Ruchira

      your modem will switch automatically to 2G network if 3G isnt available

  • AB

    IMEI 862733012421965

    IMEI 353054033323445

    Help with it please…

  • frank

    por favor podrías desbloquearme este es un e353 357260041206482

  • sourav

    hi friends does anyone knw the unlock code of airtel modem


  • Otto Ruiz

    Hola tengo una huawei e353u-6 IMEI 355515040458455.

  • amoy

    hi..just tried to unlock but dun have unlock number..
    need ur help to unlock

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E173
    – Revision :
    – Phone IMEI :356345047722854


  • arun hanji

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E353
    – Revision :11.810.09.40.156
    – Phone IMEI :868165008158125
    i want unlock code for this detail

  • lackith chandimal

    my dongle e303s-1

  • microfingers

    I want to unlocked my huawei e353

    – Manufacturer :Huawei
    – Model :E353
    – Phone IMEI :356793041386715

    thank you

  • Guardian

    I need help to get code to unlock my modem
    I have Huawei e353s-2 imei: 356793043594563 s/n C9R5TA1221601978

  • Karthikeyan

    Hi Ruchira,
    Please help in unlocking my E353 modem.
    IMEI is 867989014472068


    my info

  • mayuresh sonawane

    pls help me….my huawei model is e353s-6 and imei is357260040843533

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