How to install on Whatsapp on Mac

by Ruchira on January 8, 2013

Bluestacks app player brought android app glory to the PC market since last few months, But running your favorite apps like Whatsapp on Mac was hard until now. Bluestacks app player is now available for Mac enabling you to run whatsapp and other many android apps on your mac with ease. On this guide I’ll be explaining that, how you can get Whatsapp running on your Mac with just few clicks

Download and install Bluestacks App player for Mac

You can download the latest bluestacks app player from . And install it.

bluestacks for mac



Open the bluestacks app player and install Whatsapp

When you first open the bluestacks app player, it might take some times to load all the libraries it need emulate android and you might see some screen flickering, this is completely normal and after it loaded up completely click the search button ( on top right hand corner ) and search for whatsapp


bluestacks for mac install


After that it will search for Amazon app store, Google play and some other markets for whatsapp availability and it will let you choose which market that you want to complete the download. For simplicity choose google play and you will need to sign in with your google account and then install whats app.


That’s it


welcome to whatsapp on mac


Now you can follow the normal procedure on creating a account. Note that when activation you will have to wait until the 5min countdown to enter the code, if code doesn’t arrive, use the call activation feature and you will be good to go.

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    If I run whatsapp in my mac, can I still use it in my phone?

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    bluestcks is not install in my pc

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      this is the mac guide

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