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by Ruchira on May 27, 2009

I think you knows about twitter and its treasure for the people who wants to make money with internet. If you dont know what is twitter please read my post about it here .The major problem for twitter users are its very hard to get followers that you dont know, I mean who is not on your interest area. But the famous people like Oprah has a world record for getting millions of twitter followers in one week. But this post is not for them. Its a nightmare to get millions of twiiter followers for just mainstream users like us. But while reading many blog posts and searching on google I found out a way for increasing twitter followers as you want. From this site-


You can signup free on there and start automatically following people who is trigger to your key words that you supply to . Its simple and easy like this-

twitter search

So in this site you can only follow people which trigger to your keywords. Some times you may be wonder that the blog post named to get more followers for my account, and not to follow other people. The process begins here. remember there is a point on twitter that is you should follow people to get them to follow you back. :D With this just follow people more and more…. It might be like 10000 people, but no problem if you follower 10000 people you will get follow backs at least 5000. I’ll tell you how to unfollow people that you followed in other post. ( We are unfollowing because there is no importance in following people who dont follow us, but this dont applies for your friends or homies :D This is just a marketing point). Follow more and more people and wait about one week they will follow you sure, chances are about 50% .. Meet you again with another greatfull post like how to unfollow people who dont follow you. Bye for now..

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  • Anuradha

    nice! Useful! Keep going on with your good work, pal

  • Anuradha

    nice! Useful! Keep going on with your good work, pal

  • Deshan

    i’m going to try this one thx

  • Deshan

    i’m going to try this one thx

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately they are not offering the service anymore. I tried another service from some time back. But it made me mad by auto tweeting from my account. So I changed my password.(It uses your password to log in.)

  • pacans

    Thanks for this information please try to explain such further applications………….

  • Chinthaka Prabath

    i should use this tool… nice… Keep it up

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