Google announces uProxy to overcome internet censorship

by Ruchira on October 22, 2013


Google just announced uProxy , which is a web browser extension based proxy software they made in collaboration with the University of Washington and the non profit software development company called “Brave New Software”. Google announced about this at the “Google Ideas Summit” which was held today in New York.

On uProxy home page Google mentions that uProxy will be available as a Chome and Firefox extension first and later will be developed to include mobile phones and other browsers.  Basically uProxy is a proxy service which is designed to overcome the internet censorship on some countries and places. 

uProxy routes one user’s connection to the Internet via a friend they trust. Both users have to have uProxy installed. uProxy is intended to allow one user, with a safer and more secure connection to the Internet, to share their connection to the Internet with trusted friends and family, or even with themselves when they travel. By encrypting the connection between the two users, uProxy makes it much harder for an intermediate step on the journey to watch, block or misdirect traffic.

According to the above statement on the uProxy web site, It suggests that uProxy works by routing traffic from users computer to one of his friends/relatives computer who needs to reside in a country or a place which doesn’t censor the specific internet traffic. So we can think uProxy as a simplified VPN service.

I don’t think this will be a much successful project because its hard for everyone to get a friend in a different country like USA, who will be willing to pass the traffic for his friend. And also both users needs to be online at the same time for uProxy to work. Setting up a regular OpenVPN based VPN on a cheap VPS is very easy than this concept.

Development of uProxy isn’t complete yet and its only open for few selected people for testing. If you are interested in having an early look of the uProxy service you can request an invitation by going to the uProxy official web site.

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