Google indexes my site within a minute!

by Ruchira on September 12, 2010

I have hard time with google in past months because google took more than 4 days to index my posts. After publishing post it seemed googlebot is visiting the post instantly but it took more than 4 days to add my post to its search index. But now guess what google begun to publish my post in the search index within minute after post published! :)


This is a pic showing the google search box just after a minute the post was published!




So its a better sign for my blog because now google loves me! This might be happened because google started the instant search system. How ever I love google! :D


Update- Yes! Google was kind enough to index this post on google search within a minute and im happy!

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  • fmuqodas

    hi…i’ve been build a blog for 2 month but wandering why it’snt indexed by google yet? pls help me

    • Ruchira

      Did you tried using XML-Sitemaps plugin for wordpress? It indexs your posts to sitemap and ping google bot

  • idodierge

    nice review and thanks!

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