Get 2500 website backlinks for free!

by Ruchira on October 4, 2010

This is a nice tool and it got exploding traffic for it recently but best thing is its still free! Im going to write about a way that you can get more than 2500 web site backlinks for your site. Logically all the links will not work as said but we can expect at least 1000 google crawled backlinks from this tool!

  • What is this?

IMtalk provides this tool for free. And its not regular backlinks like you think. It creates pages on some pupolar whois,serverinfo viewing sites on the internet like and google visits those sites regularly and crawl them So you will get backlinks. It won’t get any high quality page ranked backlinks but those amount of backlinks are enough to boost your website for at least 1 step in page rank like 1 to 2.

Here is the link-

imtalk backlinks Get 2500 website backlinks for free!

Just fill the form and click submit. I dont think “key word” will help you for ranks. But just enter something! icon biggrin Get 2500 website backlinks for free!

You will need to wait at least a hour or more until it completely built all the backlinks. believe me its really worth it!
get 2500 backlinks free Get 2500 website backlinks for free!

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 Get 2500 website backlinks for free!
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  • AlisaBELLO

    Absolutely Nour! And congrats on the win – awesome recipe!

    - Kaelyn COTTER

    • Btelis

      very helpfull

  • dieutri

    huong dan dieu tri

  • noname

    excellent tool i have used it and found it effective,

  • noname

    it sounds too good to be true but i’ll be using it no doubt about it.

  • Vishal

    Well it doesn’t create quality back links. Its good to get a new site indexed.

  • Mansi Sharma

    This is really nice tool..i have seen changes in all bacliknks.

  • eray

    cok güzel iş tşkrr

  • ace

    Nice Bro

  • Mangalore News

    Nice brother thanks u………….

  • chinelo califani

    Thanks! We are always looking for ways to promote our website, and as soon as this comment is written we will start getting those backlinks. Thanks again!

  • John

    Thank you for sharing,i already find this tool for a long time.

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  • Tamy

    Great for websites that are in the beginning but useless for the rest of us..

  • Cansuyu Fm

    Thank you..

  • RaveDance

    Thanks for the info i will definatley be using this tool

  • mancplumber

    nice work i got backlinks now

  • Daniel

    Great tool and definately works

  • LearningMela

    Thanks for the tool. I have used it. It is a very good tool.

  • Tabbs

    Cheers for the tool!
    Was just wondering though, won’t that many links get you penalized with google? :-/

    • Ruchira


  • R. Abedin

    As I searched for something special for my site advertising & indexing, later on I got your article as so powerful and helpful. Thanks again for awesome tips.

  • Kerala Holidays

    hello friends,,,,,,,
    i am searching good pr and good back links directories and bookmarking so plz if you have send me….


  • Sajjad Shah

    Hello Friends
    thanks for share

  • pablo

    wow! it really works! thanks!

  • pooja

    thanks ruch for such tools

  • Nirupam

    May God bless you.

  • Andrew Mark

    Thanks for nice tool.Thanks again.

  • seyjob

    I’ll give a try…

  • habib

    that’s good!
    thank u

  • diaz

    Nice website for backlinks.

  • dean

    it sounds too good to be true but i’ll be using it no doubt about it. will take ur word for it thnx .

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