Getting a free prepaid mastercard

by Ruchira on June 6, 2009

UPDATE- 29/06/2009 I received my master card today! Happy. icon biggrin Getting a free prepaid mastercard

Yeah Mastercard means a credit card! Hurrah its free.. You can easily order and get this free. But you should pay about 9 US$ for its activation. What are the benefits of getting this?

  • Its prepaid so risk free
  • Not hard to get
  • 100% free
  • Can use for online transactions
  • Its Mastercard
  • No credit history checks needed

So there are many ways of getting this. These cards offered by Payoneer (A credit card company). And there are many sub-vendors wordwide such as Odesk, Limeexchange, but today im going to explain getting it through

Here are the steps to follow.


2. Then just click on JOIN NOW! (Do not worry about this.its a free sign up!)

3. Fill the details as directed by the site.

4. After successfully complete your sign up, you’ll receive a verification e-mail.

5. Open your e-mail and verify your account.

6. now you’ve done 50%.

7. Then logout from your account and you will see a link AFFILIATE in that page. Click That.

8. a new page will load then click AFFILIATE SIGNUP.

9. fill the form as directed. many of the details are not needed if your are a not from united states .

10. After that, login to your Affiliate account, and click account information.

11. There you’ll find a link to update your account . click there.

12. scroll down and you’ll see this link <<< Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard® .You will be directed to a FriendFinder page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card.>>>

13. click on signup to paid by prepaid Mastercard.

14. Then you will end up in payoneer site. sign up for a payoneer debit card here.

15. IMPORTANT: Fill the form correctly in 1st Try.

16. They will send you an email saying that, they sent you a mastercard at the specified address.

17. It may take 20 Business days to 2 months to Deliver your Card.

18. NOW YOU ARE A OWNER OF A MasterCard®. icon biggrin Getting a free prepaid mastercard icon biggrin Getting a free prepaid mastercard

123wgh Getting a free prepaid mastercard

Here is a example of your card–

card 001 Getting a free prepaid mastercard

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 Getting a free prepaid mastercard
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  • Md. shuvo

    I need free master card any person help me please contract me mess 8801672995128. lengague bangla not engilsh to speak.

  • Md. shuvo

    my email address, ami ke babe master card pabo.. free

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