Dude please read it again!

by Ruchira on October 29, 2010

Take a look at that comments list! They are commented on my all the time top performer post http://www.ruchirablog.com/unlocking-huawei-hspa-modem-for-free/ “Unlocking Huawei modem for free”

I receive vast amount of traffic daily to that post! And I have written the whole procedure to unlock huawei HSDPA modems on that post. If you read it you will see it. And a part of it is calculating the unlock code for the specific huawei modem and the whole procedure is there.

But people keeps asking me how to calculate the unlock code and I recieve at least 2 comments daily asking the unlock code Finally I made the calculating part highlighted !

Why cant they calculate code themselves by reading the steps its briefly explained there?

Yes that’s my question. Answer it if you can!

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  • moch84bdg

    may i have the guide to unlock ZTE or ICON and others modem?all i see in here about huawei only, or there was another post that i have’nt read?


    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira

      Sorry I didnt tested huawei modems but I saw there are guide for these you can search internet! :)

  • Kathsum demaha

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E1550
    – Revision :11.608.14.11.00
    – Phone IMEI :353443047544692

  • iom

    Thanks R. it worked I guess fine. I could only check by running the process again and I assume *error* means the process has been completed previously (I cannot find your comments on it). On the other hand I would like to find the telephone fix your wrote about as coming next.

  • Dazza

    hey dude………..IT WORKED!!! thanks a bunch. keep up the fabulous work!!!!!! your a genius :)

  • vishal singh

    hi….i have seen the list of modems but my net setter is not listed model number E153du-1 so can you pls help me in this matter

  • zlatko

    imei 862076010291372
    huawei u8650-1

  • sean

    hi ya ,
    have unlock code and then click link to go further but comes up with name in params invalid,
    any clue what this means

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