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  • Gonçalo

    Hi Ruchira,
    Thank you very much for the Huawei unlock procedure. You’re the man.

  • Oliver

    Hi Ruchira,
    Thanks for the installer script lnmp0.5RB, nginx is up and running on my server. but get error 502 bad gateway when trying to acces myIP/ftp/install.php and myIP or domain /phpmyadmin. Can you help me fix it please. Many thanks in advance. regards Oliver

    • Ruchira

      Hello Oliver,
      Whats your Linux version? If you are using centos 5.5 please use centos 5.4 to install the script and after installed upgrade to centos 5.5 version it will work for you. Ubuntu is same if 10.10 or 10.04.1 gives you error please use 9.04 and after installed upgrade to newer 10.04 :)

      • Krissy

        Hello its krissy here i have tryed to sent you a message but its not working, so i have a huawei G6600 ph and i have locked the handset, any chance you can help me with that?

        • Ruchira

          I got your email and replied you before reading the comment here! :)

  • fahad

    hello myfriend
    i try to contact u about my tmodem hauwawi e180 but i can,t access
    Dears, would you pls help me unlock my E180:

    IMEI: 355185034881978


    • Ruchira

      I have received your inquiry and sent you the details about 2 hours ago! check your email!

      • fahad

        please resend it
        i already check my email, i do not found any message

        • Ruchira

          IMEI: 355185034881978

          Unlock: 49103181
          Flash: 50515872

  • fahad

    that,s good my friend

    i,m sorry for bohter u and thank u very much my english languege not good to write what i can say for you
    finally, i abbricate yourf help
    best wishes

  • Luiz

    Hi Ruchira,
    Thank you for the Huawei e1756 unlock procedure. Just one thing: where do i find the 8 digit unlock code for huawei E1756.

  • mwaura stephen

    please help on how to unlock this cad

    etecting card :

    selection :
    manufacturer – Huawei modems
    model – Auto detect (recommended)

    Found modem : E1750
    Model : Huawei E1750
    IMEI : 354818040467695
    Serial NR. : H9A4CA1092905718
    Firmware :
    Compile date / time : Jul 02 2010 09:21:48
    Dashboard version : UTPS16.
    Voice feature : enabled
    SIM Lock status : Locked (Card Lock)


  • Elly

    Hi I’ve been trying to send you some email but it seems theres a problem somewhere and I keep receiving the messege that the CAPTCHA TOKEN FILE COULD NOT BE READ/MISSING.Should I know whether I’m reaching you? Thank in advance

    • Ruchira

      I received your message and reply sent!


    imei: 355435046072095
    model MF 190

    please assist me unlock code

  • ituscol

    need help with unlock code for huawei e153 with imei: 353504040457966

    • Ruchira

      IMEI: 353504040457966

      Entsperren / Unlock: 53657595
      Flashen / Flash: 37943522

  • ituscol

    thank you it worked just great
    also have huawei E226
    imei: 35512020726893

    • Ruchira

      your imei is missing some digits!

      • Arshinov

        Huawei E156G…Please i need the flash n Unlock
        IMEI : 357133034711257

        • Ruchira

          IMEI: 357133034711257

          Entsperren / Unlock: 40235458
          Flashen / Flash: 60226699