My Iphone 5/4S Predictions

by Ruchira on September 28, 2011

  Apple sent a email to reporters Tuesday saying “Let’s talk iphone” . You can see the image contained on it above, Actually Apple is getting ready to announce next generation Iphone on on October 4th. We cant expect apple to launch the device on the same day but they will release specs,pics and also […]


Linode Tokyo/Japan Speedtests

by Ruchira on September 25, 2011

Linode which is my favorite VPS host, recently announced their service availability on Tokyo,Japan data center.  If your visitors reside in Asia you might be interested in jumping to Tokyo data center.  But what about speeds? London data center is already performing very well for Asian linode customers. So to find out what kind of […]


Cyanogenmod 7 on HP touchpad

by Ruchira on August 29, 2011

If you were lucky enough to snatch a HP touchpad for $99 before they went out of stock you are now lucky than ever before. You might heard rumors that Android will be ported to run on touchpad! I read comments on various techblogs about HP’s decision to sell out touchpads for $99 and most […]

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by Ruchira on June 28, 2011

Hmm. I have took a long break. However some interesting things happened online in last few days. Ray William Johnson, My most favorite youtube author passed NigaHiga becoming most subscribed youtube user.Actually whats hard to understand is why NigaHiga become this much popular with his late videos. Sorry NigaHiga fans but I must admit that […]


I was shocked when I heard the news that all Google Apps accounts will be automatically transitioned to standard google account type so we can use our google apps account to login other google services like youtube. If you are not a typical gmail user you will think that “Hey thats nice news” but the […]


Angry Birds, Most popular IOS,Android game ever made. More than 50 million downloads on Itunes App store and I love it! When I was browsing Rovio’s web site ( Angry Birds developer ) I saw a comment of 8 year old boy expressing a idea about a movie on angry birds. I think its very […]


Its always makes me proud thinking about where I am now since my first post of this blog. Its now 2 years that I started this blog. I started this blog targeting a post-perday. But for now I was only able to make 169 posts because of many reasons. Im not a full time blogger […]


Yahoo mail gets new interface

by Ruchira on April 28, 2011

    Today I received a general email from Yahoo that now they are going to roll out new interface updates to all yahoo mail users.  Yes its true that you guys were able to get the beta interface on yahoo to try out before. I’m using yahoo account as a backup email address to […]


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