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Hi dear readers,

First of all I will introduce myself for you. I’m Ruchira Sahan and I’m from Sri Lanka. I’m a person who like’s technology and that kind of things. So I love to do things the way I want. I love to work in technology projects regarding to my interest area. These are things i love most in technology,

  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Servers
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Telecommunications
  • New trends

So I decided to start a blog for sharing my knowledge and gaining knowledge from you! In the top I mentioned you about technology but I’m not a geek icon razz About who interested in technology field. icon biggrin About I’m interested in lots of other things too such as fashion, Socialization and more… So for share our knowledge please be in touch with my blog by subscribing my mailing list powered by Feedburner .. And my twitter feeds. So see you on my main page Bye,

Ruchira Sahan


I'm Ruchira Sahan and all posts on this blog are completely my thoughts and writings. I love DIY and Technology. So feel free to contact me for anything about this blog and don't forget to add a comment if this blog helped you! Thanks
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  • chakib

    hello Ruchira, plz can you give me my unlock code for huawei g 6600 , thanks a lot
    IMEI: 357510038875347

  • jack

    Please!!!!!!!, can you please help me with unlocking this device : huawei g6600
    Imeil; 357510038875347

  • wiguy

    Can you help me with unlock key my Huawei GT-E2550
    the IMEI :355170041991011

    Thank you

  • alucardtry

    Good day. Please help me in unlocking E392U-12
    Found modem : E392
    Model : Huawei E392
    IMEI : 860999000149635
    Serial NR. : A6M5TC11C1005804

    Thanks in advance

    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira

      Your unlock code is 65084449 and flash code is 65209180

  • uia

    Pleass help me to unlock my usb modem!
    I have (ZTE corporation) model (MF190) HSUPA USB STICK
    mobily .
    IMEI: 861313018428693

  • Binoy

    Hi Ruchira,
    Need your help to unlock my Samsung Jack i 637 locked with ATT & WinMo 6.5 version.
    IMEI #: 35698303123758/6 03

    Thanks a ton :)

  • Ansar Ahmed

    hey ruchira

    pls help me unlock this device- this is the msg being displayed in sagmaster:

    Found Phone, Phone Info:
    – Manufacturer :+GMI: HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD
    – Model :EC156
    – Revision :TCPU_HWEC156DT01
    – Phone IMEI :80400340


  • Rolf

    Hi Ruchira,
    Could you please provide SIM unlock code for Huawei Ascend Y100 U8185, IMEI 862886011190930.

  • the trismegistic one

    Ruchira, you seem to do all this without mention for pay…You need to hear this more often…THANKS and keep up the good work…

  • Al

    Hello Ruchira,
    can you please provide the unlock code for my LTE Card E392u-12 with IMEI: 860999001829813?

    Thanks very much.

  • Joella Griffin

    Hello Ruchira,
    I have a Huawei stick Model: E160G, there is written also IMEI: 359390028208017 and S/N: DL5TAA19A2204640. I want to use it with another Internet Profider.
    Can you tell me wat to do?

    Thank you very much already

  • sayfull

    Hi Ruchira,

    Kindly i need your assistance to unlock my ZTE usb broadband

    IMEI : 359728032885892
    Model : MF 190

    Thanks for your kind cooperation

  • Zsolt Szabó

    Dear ruchira!

    Zsolt Szabo, I am from Hungary. Vodafone 858 Smart (Huawei U8160) independent of equipment you want NCK code.
    The IMEI number: 356652041020270

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Best regards,

    Zsolt Szabo

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  • hari

    dialog dongle unlock codes

  • rinku

    - Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E1550
    – Revision :11.608.14.15.356
    – Phone IMEI :354638042583111

    pls mail unlock code and flash code

    • http://www.ruchirablog.com Ruchira

      Your unlock code is 38116230 and flash code is 36859022

  • Saurav Kumar

    Hi friend,
    Manufacturer :huawei
    – Model :E353
    imei number- 868165000768160.
    If you can please kindly help me to unlock it.

  • http://www.thewebsyntax.com David

    Hi Ruchira. Do you have a plugin for a landing page for word press that is actually working please? You can email me. Thanx

  • jash

    hye i m getting problem of bluestarck is running slowly but nw not opening also wht should i do say……….