Slotomania Free Slot Games Review

by Ruchira on February 24, 2015

For the slot games players, there is something that can be more fascinating then Las Vegas city. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford going there. However, if you can’t make your dreams come true but still wish to enjoy this experience on your smartphone device, you can turn to Playtika’s Slotomania free slot games. With loads of options and games, this is the closest app you would find to the Las Vegas experience.

What is Slotomania?

Slotomania has the most exciting collection of over 100 slot machine games and what is more breathtaking is the fact that they can be played on Facebook. You would find it never misses any of the fun events of the real-time slot games with no fear of losing money. There are many other pros, so you would forget that the money is not involved. You can login to your Facebook account and start playing the slot machines game. Usually, you would begin with the 500 points that are a welcome bonus and you can find that your friends can help you with the virtual coins, when you are left without any. Same way, you too can share the bonuses and gifts to other players. One thing you need to know about slotomania is that you will have to keep unlocking the high levels to play as many slot games as possible.

Why should I Play Slotomania?

Playtika Slotomania free slot games have lots of pros, and one of them is that it gets updated often. You don’t need play the same games over and over again. With all the newer games and game rooms, this game has loads of fun things that can be never found in the real world slot game too. With 100 games to choose from, the players have a broad range of selection to play the slot game. Each day can come up with something new because all 100 games have different themes and game formats for each of them. When you calculate, you can see that there are endless possibilities. You do not need to think that slotomania will stick to the numbers, but can get exciting option too often.

Apart from this, the other pro that is exciting is that the game is free. You do not need to pay anything to play with slotomania to sign up. You need to buy the virtual coins using real money if you run out of them. You can find this game addictive, so it is your responsibility to know your limits to make use of the game. Also, you should know how to balance your time for work and leisure activities, so that you cannot find slotomania grabbing best part of the day, where you got to be studying or be at your workplace. This game is only for the players who are 21 years and above. Also, you can play this game anywhere and everywhere, using your iOS devices and the Android gadgets.

Wrap up

This slot game can be played on various social networking sites, like Facebook, Google Plus and other regional sites of countries. You get bonuses every day and can win the Playtika contests, get coins from the friends, hit jackpots and also get the tournament wins. When you play the games for the various mobile devices, you can find them to be optimized for these devices so that the players can enjoy the gaming session. The social scene of Slotomania is high and enhanced, and you can find this slot machine game simply excellent.


The Role of Social Media and SEO

by Ruchira on October 25, 2013

SEO continues to grow and encompass more facets of Internet marketing. The concept of Internet marketing has evolved, especially organic marketing. In addition to on-site changes like increasing page speed and creating keyword-rich content, SEOs can no longer rely on sheer link building to increase rankings in a search engine.

Users want to know a business is verifiable and trustworthy, so SEO has encompassed the world of social media and review aggregation. It’s more common to see an SEO practicing localization than international SEO.

If you want to step up your in-house efforts, you’ll need to start relying on more forms of traffic to grow your website.

Sharing Great Content

You should be the hub of all of your content. Well-written content that fits within your industry works well and is often sharable. Top ten lists fuel the web and they work because of their short but impactful nature. All you need is one overarching theme that you can break down into ten simple concepts. Write about 100 words on each concept, which isn’t hard if you search for a fun fact, and then shop it around. If it’s on your blog, think of ways to repackage and share that content. If it ends up on guest posts, be there to answer questions about the content you wrote. You might build a following just by following up.

Participate in Discussions

Search marketing company 29 Prime recommends that you start discussions that get the audience talking and asking questions. Hashtags are a powerful resource that you can tap into. Search the most popular hashtags on Twitter, or check out sites like Tagdef to see active hashtags and get a glimpse of their discussions. You can even find the most active and influential participants in those discussions.

Find Feedback

Hashtags and search tools are also great for monitoring discussions and finding feedback. Services like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite can help monitor multiple threads of discussion at once, giving you a top-level vantage point of what your audience thinks about you. Look for @mentions of your brand as well as hashtags for it. Make note of the most active followers you have. People who retweet your messages and respond to the questions you ask are good places to start looking for feedback.

You can use tools like Klout to analyze a follower’s potential influence and look for ways to reach that person. Follow your influencers and pay attention to what they like. Generate content that caters to those interests and you’ll have a better chance of going viral.

Stay Focused

There are a lot of platforms that exist: you could share pictures on Pinterest or Instagram, you could share commercials on YouTube or Vine or write blog content. You might have a Facebook Page or manage a Twitter account. The list goes on. That’s why it’s important to actually study your analytics and determine who is sending the most traffic to your website.

Narrow done the platforms you work with, then focus on finding the best tools to help analyze the data you accumulate. If that platform is Facebook look for methods to increase engagement and get people talking about your product or your brand.

Ideas on content generation include infographics about industry statistics and tutorial videos that demonstrate a useful skill.

Tools for Success

“PageLever” is a tool that can measure the demographics of your Facebook pages and give you an idea of the type of user that browses your site. If you can find a tool to help analyze when people leave your page or your Twitter feed, you may be able to learn more about how to retain your users. It’s all in the analytics, so study your users to see what they do.



Google just announced uProxy , which is a web browser extension based proxy software they made in collaboration with the University of Washington and the non profit software development company called “Brave New Software”. Google announced about this at the “Google Ideas Summit” which was held today in New York.

On uProxy home page Google mentions that uProxy will be available as a Chome and Firefox extension first and later will be developed to include mobile phones and other browsers.  Basically uProxy is a proxy service which is designed to overcome the internet censorship on some countries and places.  [click to continue…]


Command line bandwidth monitors for Linux

by Ruchira on October 21, 2013


If you are a Sysadmin, monitoring bandwidth usage on your server is an important task. We agree some of you might have bandwidth graphs on your server monitoring platform or on your server provider’s control panel. But having the ability to monitor the bandwidth in real time helps to solve many problems.

On this post you will find out 2 different, simple command line bandwidth monitor tools to view the outgoing and incoming bandwidth consumption in real time. You will only need one. [click to continue…]


stealthgenie iphone spy

Knowing how to spy is just half the solution. With a little guidance and right iPhone tracking application, anyone can start iPhone monitoring in a jiff. It is easy and stealth so your kids don’t stand a chance knowing that they are being monitored that closely!

Don’t take the risk!

With so many issues in our lives, why risk your child’s security in the first place? There is so much around us that we’d surely want to safeguard our kids from. Kids especially teens are too vulnerable to fall for evil temptations. With iPhone in their hands, all the time, it is but impossible to keep an eye on them. You can’t guarantee what they do on their phones late night in their rooms. All you’d see will be the lights off in their rooms but they could be watching obscene content online, talking to inappropriate people, sexting, playing games or surfing the online social networking sites all night long. What can it affect; their moral values, focus and certainly their grades at school. As parents you’d want nothing of this and who is to make sure that your kids are not getting harassed or threatened on line and at school? With all kinds of psychotic adults on the internet and bullying kids at school, your kids’ emotional well being is on the stake! [click to continue…]



BitTorrent Sync is the latest addition to BitTorrent product family and to put it simple, it lets you to sync your files between your computers just like Dropbox does. BitTorrent Sync comes handy if you need more space and privacy (PRISM). Dropbox is great I use it everyday and features like camera upload is a life saver. Thankfully to Samsung I have 50GB of Dropbox storage free for 2 years. But the problem is if I need more and more storage, cost goes way up. BitTorrent Sync is totally free except for the costs to run a VPS or Dedicated server as a master Sync device.

BitTorrent Sync uses BitTorrent protocol to sync files between your computers and your master server. While this uses BitTorrent protocol its totally secure and private unlike regular torrents. Files aren’t visible to public as its encrypted by using a private key and only those people who has the private key can view your files. So as long as you keep the private secret (32 character long number sequence) your files are safe. Just like Dropbox, when files added to your sync’d folder it will start to sync the files immediately and when you remove a file on a folder it will be sent to a trash folder on your server so you could recover it later if you made a mistake. You can find more feature details on the main web site.

On this guide, I will explain you how to setup BitTorrent Sync master server. I’m using a 512MB RAM OpenVZ Linux VPS from Ramnode with 120GB of SSD-Cached storage and Debian 7 32bit is installed as the operating system. BT Sync will work fine on any virtualization platform such as KVM,OpenVZ or XEN and it doesn’t require much resources to work. Even if you have 128MB of RAM on your VPS, that’s fine. Also you can use Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS or any other Linux operating system for this guide. [click to continue…]




I have been having a hard time lately with SEO thanks to WordPress comments system. Google somehow decided to index about 1600 ?replytocom and comments?=true links on my blog resulting duplicate content issues with Google Panda algorithm.  This is how its reflected on Webmaster tools Index Status


Maybe a bad plugin caused this issue but its really bad for the blog’s SEO. This is also reflecting on the Webmaster tools under “HTML Improvements” saying duplicate title tags and meta descriptions. However harm has been already done and I have decided to 301 redirect the ?replytocom links to the correct pages and implemented parameter handling to rectify this issue.

[click to continue…]



Yesterday I have presented you a nice deal on domain names. And today when I was lurking through lowendtalk forums. I have found this sweet deal on SSL certificates. A company called Centriohost is offering AlphaSSL 256bit wild card domain validation SSL certificates for just $2 a year. This is a great deal since AlphaSSL wild card certs are retailing about $40 to $50 on the internet.

Centrohost already had an offer for $10 a year for that but with their latest promo code “LET2SSL” price comes down to $2 a year recurring. Order yours by this link  and apply the promo code when checkout. You will need a code signing request and you can easily generate from your server or online service like this . According to them setup time is about 20 minutes and you might probably receive one earlier than that. I have got one to play with SPDY protocol and I’m not promoting them or whatsoever. This offer is too hard to pass on that’s why I have decided to share it with you :)


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